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Modeling primarily in Houdini 2023年12月31日4:54

I checked that on 569 the horizontal edge does not select the hole.
By the way, do you know why I’m on build 548? because if I install a new build, it erases all my custom node colors and custom tools on the shelf. And I’m already tired of repainting and arranging them 20 times. My chair has already burned down under me. So I have a slightly different opinion about the concern of developers.

I have submitted this exact same issue as an RFE. (#133932)

We need the old method of double clicking an open boundary to select back.
The reason why it still works when you double click the vertical edge on a hole on the sphere, is because the loop can't continue and stops at the poles. This forces it to rather select the hole...which we want.
If you make a hole in any object with perfect loops, it will always continue straight, instead of selecting the open boundary hole.

Not good.

Rather select the hole boundary, and add Ctrl + double click, to select a straight loop.

H20 Feather generation findings and questions. 2023年11月30日10:41

Kai, I could not get the new parting line algorithm to work with feathers.
Can you perhaps post an example of how this is supposed to work?

H20 Feather generation findings and questions. 2023年11月21日8:37

Thank you for your quick response Kai. Much appreciated.

I don't know how I missed that on the first file. I fixed the connection and it works.
It does crash anytime I try to increase the hairgen count. Not sure if it happens on your side, but here is my file saved before the crash.

I am having a great time with the feather tools and will submit anything broken or RFEs.

Thanks again.