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HairGen spins around simulated guide hair. 2022年11月7日3:20

Thanks Benyee. I will give it a go.

I really appreciate your time.

Pyro Sop Solver 2022年11月2日2:43

Can't you just use dissipate to clip the flame much lower on the smooth part?

HairGen spins around simulated guide hair. 2022年11月2日1:51


I submitted an RFE 5 months ago (#121927) about this. Since then I submitted another RFE with a similar problem.

Has anyone been able to work around this problem. I am running out of time on my project and I don't have much time to research a working fix.

When using HairGen with Fractal clump or Curl applied on simulated HairGuides, the curls spin around the guides like crazy.
I did a quick search and it seems like more people voiced their concern over similar issues.

Has anyone been able to find a fix for this?

Attached is a hip and mp4 to show this problem.