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Missing Prizes 2024年2月26日13:47

Hey Robert, the section where you should be able to choose the t-shirt size was blank, except for the label. No fields or multiple choices.

Sadly I had a lapse of judgement and thought maybe there was a second page, so I merrily submitted and am now locked out of providing a screenshot to illustrate the issue.

Congratulations & How to Claim Prizes 2024年2月20日8:24

yeah I'm thinking it's a good time to remind sidefx we didn't get the physical goodies ^^

Congratulations & How to Claim Prizes 2023年4月11日10:06

Aaallright, done aaaand submitted.

Thanks for the organisation, Robert. It was pretty clean this year!
Thanks to the judges for the artwork win ! It does feel nice and warm, indeed. I missed Paul Esteves' vids this year though ,)

Mardini is a nice occasion to let out the inner artist inside, step outside of the usual "button pusher" role that goes on and on all year.

While I answered "Nature" in the form, in truth I couldn't really choose. I liked all weeks, and had to challenge myself to find ideas all along. Shapes started nice and smooth. Motion was a bit compromised by my own failure at meeting the deadlines for Growth and Leap, but I love finding ways to express movement with a single image. Light was probably the hardest, in hindsight. And Worlds, man, I was so tired when we reached that one ^^
Some days I was absolutely at a loss of ideas tho : Smooth, Flow, Bulb, Reflect, Halo, Fantasy !

Obviously I can't say whether I will engage in Mardini 2024 for sure, because life is life. It will boil down, I suppose, on a few parameters. I'd like to, though. Just need to find how to balance out work, sleep, and mardini