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Texture/Mask/Displacement Painting HDA, WIP 2020年10月27日9:05

Sure, in short:

viewer state for interaction, moving a point along a mesh
copy to points with said point and circle and attributes from viewer state
reproject onto mesh
finding intersections
cleaning up intersections( 3 posibilities, no points, 1 point or two intersection points)
create lines between cleaned up intersections
vex code for those lines: a behind test relative to center point of the circle and center point of intersecting circle
transform circles according to behind tested lines
vex : proximity check to only update points near the live point
vex reproject onto mesh

I've written some vex code to do extrusions, as the polyextrude often creates spikes, still have to implement that.
Also, performance wise, its not bad, but it does slow down quite a bit with a lot of scales. Looking into opencl to speed it up.

That's it in a nutshell

Texture/Mask/Displacement Painting HDA, WIP 2020年10月26日13:59

It's coming along very nicely ! I've been doing some commissioned work so haven't really updated it in the last couple of days or so..

Texture/Mask/Displacement Painting HDA, WIP 2020年10月26日8:47

Hey Bennel ! Yes I have , thanks for asking I sent a scene file to support and it as it turned out, there is a bug in Houdini versions prior to 18.5 where the geo stash parameter keeps track of ALL changes in the undo stack. That means everytime you overwrite the paramter , it is stored in memory, so that's why it crashed so often. It's been fixed in 18.5 and the solution for other versions is to clear the undos mannualy. I've switched to Houdini 18.5 now and fixed some things. It feels a lot smoother in general now