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Texture/Mask/Displacement Painting HDA, WIP 2023年11月27日3:14

Hi, sure you can send me a email at wouttgh at gmail dot com

Directly accessing points stored in GPU memory 2023年5月22日21:52

*Bump cause I'm interested in this as well :p

( I have spent hours and hour trying to find a way to "inject" a single float3 value into a opencl node/compiled block / dop network with gas opencl. The idea being that an opencl wrangle can process and offset point values thousands of times in a second but when adding a vector from any source, performance drops with orders of magnitude. I'd like to get an interactive update of points with opencl by dragging around a point from an add node)

Texture/Mask/Displacement Painting HDA, WIP 2023年5月3日15:13


If you're interested in an FX version of my scales HDA ( currently Indie license only), please add your details in the google doc below and/or let me know privately. If enough people sign on, I can convert the HDA to FX.
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AW0aYH8ddB9pzLvVzz_XqeG3ujOM9K9bBMcXg-DIGLM/edit [docs.google.com]