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Remove primitives by attribute via VEX 2021年8月18日17:52

I have an alembic named light_geothat has pathattribute in it which are the geos it contains. I'd like to use specific geos(path) from this as a mesh light which would get plugged into "Geometry Object" parameter on the light. However, this parameter reads the whole object (e.g. ../light_geo). Is there any way to exclude parts of it in the same parameter via an expression? I can of course use a blast node and remove path primitives but I'd rather do it all in the Geometry Object parameter.

Automatic Per light AOVs creation by Category 2021年2月24日18:33

I figured that's the case. Thanks for the response.

Automatic Per light AOVs creation by Category 2021年2月23日19:31

Is there any way to have per light AOVs automatically getting generated based on lights category in Mantra? Currently, we have to make a separate AOV for each category which is quite cumbersome to do. For example, Arnold can handle it all automatically.