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Custom Input Scripts 2018年12月7日12:41

Awesome thanks !
I'm asking all of that cause I'm just using apprentice right now and want to know the limitation of HE.

Last question:
with this process, is there a way to debug what's happening in houdini ?

Cause I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to see what's houdini receive as input to make sure everything is fine.

Can I fire the process but have houdini open in GUI with the scene setuped ?

Thanks !

Custom Input Scripts 2018年12月7日9:59


Thanks for the quick response !

So my map editor is just editing a ScriptableObject where the data is stored.
Can I fire up the process without creating a Monobehaviour or a Houdini Assets in the scene ?

The workflow I really would like is:
- From the map editor click a button “Build Map”
- Send data to houdini
- Houdini will process the data and save results (meshs, and a json for scattering objects) in a predefined folder in the Unity Project.

Thanks !

Custom Input Scripts 2018年12月6日21:51


I saw that you added Custom Input Scripts in the API.
I was wondering if we are only limited to sending meshs to Houdini, and if we are only limited to P,Cd and Uvs ?

I'm asking that, cause I doing a map editor in Unity and I would like to send to Houdini pretty much a point cloud but with more attributes on each points like eg: TileType, IsObstacle, …

Is it possible to send custom attributes ?