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sky light reposition sun 2024年4月29日22:57

There would be some parameters on your skylight you can tweak, skylight1/light/sky Environment Map/Sun.
brilliant I didnt see that, scrolling down is worthwhile. lol

sky light reposition sun 2024年4月29日17:50

Hello, Im following an FXPHD tutorial,
they are using a sky light which seems fine but I cant seem to change the angle of the sun to more 'front ight' my mountains
is there a way to do this?
I know there are other ways to light a scene, but for the sake of learning and problem solving I would like to solve this issue

Heightfield filecache 2024年4月24日11:50

Hello, doing a tutorial on heightfields (which is a houdini 18 tutorial) but im working in houdini 20

the tutorial is going over conversion and export of the heightfield as an obj

it is using a fileCache node to do so, however

when I put one of these down in houdini 20 everything is changed and the tabs are different and there is no option for exporting as obj

houdini 18 filecache image and 20 filecache image are attached