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UV/Texture Distortion 2021年1月5日11:21

Thanks for looking into Aizatulin. Gave your method a try and unfortunately it doesn't hold up on more complex meshes - just as the other solutions I've tried, none get close to the quality of the built in uv distortion visualizer :/

Bake/plot follow curve solver for UE4 use 2015年4月10日16:15

Hi guys,
I'm animating an octopus like arm using a path and bones with the Follow Curve solver.
Works great inside Houdini but the animation doesn't get exported in .fbx format.
I hoped that the exporter would bake / plot the bone transforms from the follow curve solver but apparently it doesn't.

So is there a way to manually bake the bones animation so that it can be imported in Unreal Engine?

Thank you,

File SOP Write Path based on File SOP Read Path 2014年7月1日2:40

Works great, thanks Sekow! I really need to learn python.

I have another short one, is there a way to count primitive groups in Python?
In hscript I can do something like this: argc(primgrouplist(“/obj/geo1/out_my_boxes”)) but I needed in Python since I use the result in a python expression. Unless there's a way to read the result of a hscript expression in a python expression.

Thank you