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Black surface from imported Illustrator path 2023年3月6日10:29

It's not a bug. It's because the polys have a Cd attribute of 0,0,0 (black). They're also imported as a bezier nurbs.

You need a color sop to change to white (normal Houdini poly colour) and a convert sop to change to polys. You can adjust the resolution on the convert sop or use a resample before the convert to adjust the res.

Editing multiple parameters at once... 2020年12月18日11:34

@peteski: This isn't working for me in 18.5.351. I select multiple nodes and the Make Selection box comes up, but when I select the node type and hit Accept, nothing happens in the Parameter panel. Any ideas?

Collecting project files in houdini 2020年11月9日12:58