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Using TOPs or Component Builder to output multiple versions 2024年2月11日1:00

Wedge TOP will evenly distribute attribute attribute values for all work items: Wedge Total / panelWidth, Wedge Total / panelHeight, etc. That's why the first 23 elements for panelWidth have values 0 and the next 23 already have values 1.
In this view we can set the order in which the work items are executed, so there is no specific cycle in which they must be executed, yes they are usually executed in order by the job scheduler, but it is not necessary. We can configure our network so that only certain work items are executed first and then all other work items.

Using TOPs or Component Builder to output multiple versions 2024年2月10日10:41

I think Wedge TOP would be good for that. Here each work item generates its own unique attributes that can be used to randomise configuration parameters.

Crowd Stadium Example in Solaris 2024年2月10日7:22

Hi, I'm actually interested in exactly the same question.

Memory consumption in Karma with Crowd is almost 5 times higher than in Mantra. I would like to understand what causes such high memory consumption? I rendered 2 test renders of this example in Karma and Mantra. H20.5.612.