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Bezier Handle Custom Python State 2019年7月25日7:12

It appears it's no longer worth the effort to sell this, as I have already spent more hours dealing with Orbolt then actually writing the damn thing, so it's free now… pending Orbolt's review of my price change of course.

Bezier Handle Custom Python State 2019年7月25日6:51

It seems the asset must be free for all licenses in order for the trial version to not be copy protected, I guess that makes sense. However I know no other way to implement this tool.

Bezier Handle Custom Python State 2019年7月25日6:38

Are you getting Python errors like such and such node can't be found making the asset unusable, can you dive inside the node?

How do you mean merged? Are you sure you mean to not fit the curve first?

Because I see six points and six handles although since the curve isn't fitted to be a proper bezier (by checking the ‘Fit Curve’ toggle). You don't have to use a proper bezier curve but I chose a terrible default to expect the user to want to use any other then a properly set up bezier, these kinds of things are what feedback so important .