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Houdini and gVim on Windows platform.. 2017年12月9日7:59


I would like to use gVim as my external text editor for Houdini scripting with VEX and Python.
I managed to setup EDITOR variable in houdini.env file which looks like this:
EDITOR = “CProgram Files (x86)/Vim/vim80/gvim.exe -fn”
So it works but after few seconds in gVim Houdini goes white as on image
Your text to link here… [] (Google Drive)
I suppose that problem is in flags but can't make it to don't affect Houdini.
As I sad it works, just that I wan't to see Houdini interface as I'm working on script.
Hope someone has solution.
Thanks in advance,

Houdini C++ API Introduction 2017年11月17日3:32

Thanks Thomas, looks like there is a lot of material to get me started.
Best regards,

Houdini C++ API Introduction 2017年11月17日1:49

Hello, World!
Can I ask is there any tutorial or guide, beside one in official documentation, that can guide beginner C++ developer that can get one start to develop custom C++ SOPs. I have working knowledge of Houdini in various contexts and basic knowledge of C++, OpenGL and Qt5.
Highly appreciate any guide or help.