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Black Friday Deal: 40% Off Modeler! 2023年11月22日2:28

Looks great. Two questions:

Does this work with H20?

Do you plan on moving on to Modeler 2024, and if you do, will you be required to purchase this tool again?


This plugin works in Houdini 20. I am currently working on a new major version 2024. The approximate release date for v2024 is not yet known, as there is still a lot of work and testing to be done. Updates to such a version happen once a year and cost between $30-$40. After the release of a major version, all updates are free. These updates include not only bug fixes but also new features.

Black Friday Deal: 40% Off Modeler! 2023年11月21日4:33

Black Friday Deal: 40% Off Modeler for Houdini!
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Houdini 20 will be unveiled (not released) on October 26 2023年10月27日16:54

I myself "have" to use Alexey Modeler for Hou to make poly modeling a bit easier, I'm pretty sure that guy would prefer the Blender Market, not because Hou sucks, but because it will help him to live from his work.
Have you looked at Polymarvels for tutorials on direct modelling in Houdini?
I've watched some of his videos. It would be great if he showed the process of modeling the vintage car that he used in the video; then it would be clear how "convenient and logical" it is to model in Houdini.

I remember one guy in Houdini on YouTube recorded several videos about modeling a Lamborghini. Everything was good, but then, when it came to a slightly more detailed part, he stopped and said something like the game is not worth the candle.

Let's at least not bring up the topic of modeling in Houdini in this thread. We know that Houdini is a super program.