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Vex is very slow and keeps messaging "duplicating input" 2019年10月14日9:25

This suddenly happened. Every time I make a node or change a parameter, houdini will not respond for a few seconds in a volume vop.
I deleted the prefs, reinstalled houdini, switched to a stable version (17.5 391) and updated my graphic card drivers (latest radeon drivers), but the problems still occurs.
Does anybody has an idea what this could be?

I have this problem with all vex related nodes

SDF from Curves? 2019年7月29日11:45

I think using trace is your best option for something like this. Although you need to have a high resolution volume to get decent lines from it.
You can use the trace node in a loop to get these isolines.
I am curious if there is a better solution for this.

Curve intersection problem! 2019年7月29日10:25

Alternatively you could use the triangulate2d node for stuff like this.