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Light color temperature 19.5 vs 20 2023年11月24日3:42

Hello, forgive me for insisting, the problem with the lights is related to hue. If you use an HDR image for light there is a noticeable change, without touching the color temperature. There is no continuity between the lights of 19.5 and 20 hue

Light color temperature 19.5 vs 20 2023年11月23日7:23

Hello, I have differences between 19.5 and 20 with the color temperature of the lights. If you put a light at 10,000 kelvin, the resulting blue is different between the two versions. I have the same OCIO set on both.
Could someone check it or tell me what I might be doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

Day 16 | Motion | Crash | Animation 2023年3月16日3:58