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Official Labs Vertex Animation Textures 3.0 FAQs and Links 2021年12月17日8:43

Does it have any limitations for use with Niagara (amount of polygons or types)? My engine crashes when I try to use RBD VAT in Niagara. Tried it in both versions - 4.26 and 4.27. Made all settings in Houdini and material for instances (checkbox before export, set bounds box in material parameters).
As soon as I put a mesh with VAT in Niagara Mesh Renderer, compilation of shaders and then crash.

I thought I was doing something wrong and downloaded VAT Demo Project from this topic. Use mesh from ISM_HISM folder with material M_Rigid_Instanced and try put it in Niagara - 1 Burst, Mesh Renderer, override material, choose M_Rigid_Instanced - crash.

Does RBD VAT work with Niagara?