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Is 'relativestiffness4' the right parameter in H14? 2015年9月21日3:08

The problem solved…
I supposed to read the help doc more carefully.

I find the attr called shellstrongbendstiffness, and actually is a primitive class.
That's why is not working for me before…

I attached the fixed file, if anyone is interested…

Is 'relativestiffness4' the right parameter in H14? 2015年9月15日22:17

Hello everyone,

In order to change the bend performance on different areas,
I'm trying to use a paint sop to overwrite ‘strong bend’ attribute in cloth object.

I saw this tutorial from here
http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2406&Itemid=344 [sidefx.com]

Seems that in houdini 12.5 it has a attr called ‘sstrongbendstiffness’, but It seems not working in houdini 14, or maybe I missed something important.

When I move the mouse to the relative stiffness attribute, it pops out an info introducing 4 attributes. They are ‘relativestiffness1’ ‘relativestiffness2’ ‘relativestiffness3’ ‘relativestiffness4’.

I tried relativestiffness4, but there is no luck.

Wondering if I'm working on the right path.
Hope any one could give me a hint about it.

Thanks a lot.