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rendering an interior 2015年4月21日12:33

Having trouble rendering this interior.

My first approach test001 was using portal lights but that took a long time to render. Or maybe I just had the settings wrong for that render.

render settings had about 12 portal lights
set to direct lighting with 32 samples

an environment light set to raytrace background
with a few area and spot lights.

2nd approach test002
I killed all the portal lights
have an env light set to raytracke background
just have spot and area lights

then I did a third render test003
and after this one I felt stuck.
tried adding a bounce light with area light and I just didn't get the result I wanted.

rop settings
pixel samples 4 x 4
color limit 5
reflet / refract 5
direct lighting as color

tried adding a GI light and that doesn't seem to help either.

I know overall shaders need work, but just wondering what I'm doing wrong here.

How does this compare to using blueprints in UE4 2015年4月10日1:00

I see so not so effective unless large and colossal. or at least that is how it is being presented.

A lot of experimentation is going to be needed I suppose. Have to think beyond terrains. Wish I could see a more concrete example for shaders/lights.

How does this compare to using blueprints in UE4 2015年4月9日19:42

Okay so I might need a bit more clarification.

compiled/shipped game would equal finished product right?

so with that the assumption would be that with houdini engine all the adjustments could me made in UE4 editior and then once that is okay; then compile/ship game?