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install python packages 2021年5月13日10:02

I used the same post as Andrew to install pip and scipy using Houdini Python 3. Then installed netCDF4 and other packages. I have not had any trouble installing packages and using them with 18.5.563 and Python 3.

Brad Carvey

OpenGL Fatal Error Not able to run OpenGL 3.3 2019年6月12日20:14

I am having a new but similar problem, with Linux, Tesla P100 and opengl error.
I ssh into a Linux computerOne…
ssh -X computerOne
I run hkey and the GUI comes up and I can verify the license is working and I can see an x window.
I then run houdinifx, the splash screen opens after about 10-20 seconds, the splash screen closes and I get a fatal error. My Quadro card works, but apparently, my Tesla card does not.

Anyone do anything with a Tesla Card?

Brad Carvey

Digital Asset Slider should update when mouse released 2019年5月31日10:00

When I move a slider, as soon as a value changes, cooking starts. This makes the slider worthless, if the updates take a long time to finish cooking. Is there a way to have the slider only update, when I release the mouse?