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Grid random extrude ... 2022年1月24日22:45

on the same topic, I am trying to add random rotation for each element on the polyextrude level.

Using a foreach loop I can get to the result I want, but a bit cumbersome.

On the left side, I was trying to find a way to iterate on each primitive within the expression set to Pre-Rotate parameter.
It is now currently hardcoded to "0", where I would like to iterate. Currently I get all faces with same orientation.


Is Mask field node really being used by Houdini users? 2022年1月14日23:47

Coming from Maya, when I needed to tweak some forces in a specific portion of a simulation, one can create a field, move to the area where the field would take effect, and limit/mask the field volume choosing from primitive shapes available. With this mindset, I was brought to Mask field examples, but I noticed I can't easily find any or no information on youtube nor other many forums about this issue. Even on this forum I saw users who asked about mask field node were left without an answer.
I know we can add some velocity to a group of points using wranglers, yet not sure how to apply this technic to various dops scenarios, so are Houdini users making use of mask field node?
In general terms, If you a force to happen only in a portion of the simulation, what is the best practice to go with?

flip simulation problem 2021年11月14日22:22

Hello. My problem is exactly the same but after almost 7 years. And I am just jumping to Houdini.
Couldn't find about appending to cache, or anything that could help my issue.
I was simulating whitewater and saving from the dop internal output node (save to disk) from frames 1 to 300.
My simulation stopped in the middle, and there is nothing I could do so far to continue from where I was left.