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Using Detail attribute for light intensity? 2019年10月18日13:50

pretty straightforward to do using the ‘detail’ expression in the intensity parameter of your light. if your attribute promote node was in ‘geo1’ and named ‘attribpromote1’ that would look like

detail("../geo2/attribpromote1", area, 0)

How to bake motion FX to keyframes? 2019年10月10日20:54

if you jump down into your motionfx chop network, you can find the chop that's exporting back to your animated parameters. its visible by having the orange export flag enabled, on the left side of the chop node. to bake this chop to keyframes, left click on it and navigate to ‘save’. from the ‘save’ submenu, you can select ‘edit data channels’. this will pop up the fit to keyframes dialog. if you set the fitting tolerance to 0 from the ‘fit panel’ and click ‘copy to export destination’, you will bake your motionfx to keyframes.

the export chop has the orange flag

hope this helps!

rendering SDF as fog 2018年12月3日22:20

hi tamte. i don't know about a mantra property for this, but thresholding the surface field in the shader and rendering that as density works to do what you are describing.

here's an example:

Image Not Found