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KarmaXPU fails with 4090 2023年9月21日20:22

I can indeed confirm that the env works! (KARMA_XPU_OPTIX_FORCE_GAS_TRACE=1) I've had multiple issues lately w an unstable GPU - Linux which is now running smoothly.. Thanks!

Great to hear this worked for you.
The latest drivers contain a fix so that you don't have to do this anymore. []

Karma or Redshift 2023年9月18日22:56

Did I get it right that Karma can dynamically switch to CPU if GPU runs out of Ram?

CPU and (multiple) GPU devices are active while rendering. If a GPU device fails for whatever reason (eg runs out of memory) it will gracefully/silently shut down, leaving the other devices to finish off the work and finish the frame. This happens automatically, so provides a failsafe way to work.

Karma or Redshift 2023年9月14日17:52

Any chance we can get a 'compile all' option like other GPU Engines have?

I like this idea as well, so I'd say "probably".
Given timelines, it might have to come after the H20 release though, in a daily build or something.