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Houdini Customer Reel 2018 - Now Accepting Submissions 2018年6月25日14:06

It is time for a new Houdini customer reel! If you have material that you'd like to submit for this year's reel, please contact me directly at

Please note that for this reel we're primarily looking for material that has been created for use in feature film, short film, television, and commercials.

Desired Footage Format: 1080p / 24 FPS / H.264
See attached media permission form


- Bill

First commercial done in Houdini 2016年6月16日11:03

Hi Werner,

Really nice! I'd love to include this in this year's reel. Please drop me a line if it is available - thanks!

- Bill (

Looking for STUDENT work! 2010年7月5日11:41


We at SESI are putting together our 2010 Student Reel and we need your footage. This is a great chance for your work to get shown to a wider audience and to have your work shown to pro-level studios. Here's what we're looking for:

1. HD quality (if possible) student shorts as QT or
other common video format - available for download.

2. Signed permission allowing use of the footage.
(permission form attached)

3. Please provide us with the name of your school.

4. If possible, give us a quote!

You may upload all movies to the following directory:
user = demoreel
password = 2010Dem0

Please email me at with the name
of the files you have uploaded.

DUE DATE is Sunday, July 11th.


Bill Self
Marketing & Public Relations
Side Effects Software