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Pixar rounded cube issue 2020年7月13日18:01

Cool, thanks a lot, I'll look for the command line arguments. I guess Megascans plugin doesn't set those up.


Pixar rounded cube issue 2020年7月13日3:28

Hey there,

When I use pixar rounded cube with megascans surface and change the frequency to tile the texture I get black border around the texture. It looks like it's not repeating the texture, however I don't know how to fix this since the multi texture node doesn't have any wrap/repeat parameter.
Please let me know how to fix this.


Houdini HD weirdness and other issues. 2008年8月7日6:57

I don't know if this is the right forum to ask Mac App HD questions but I have a couple very annoying little bugs.

First one: Double click on the .hipnc file will attempt to open Houdini apprentice HD Escape and that will fail with a license problem. I always wonder why there is even an escape version of houdini in apprentice mode. I like to think most people will go for the master, plus you can't buy HD escape only.

Second one: I'm on the mac, and macs have only one mouse button below the trackpad. I don't know why and I don't really care, that is for the apple designers, but what I do care is my ability to change the shortcuts to use meta keys + single mouse button to perform RMB and MMB just like in Maya. I know, I know I've said Maya but maya has this option of using only one button mouse and that turns the apple key, option and control keys into RMB, MMB.

Third one and the most annoying: Text fields or parameter fields in general are not updating. Editing those fields is always a gamble, sometimes you double click to select the whole text then you type new text but all you see is a black parm field. Then you scroll the parm pane or do something to force the update and you have the surprise that the old text is still there and the new one just got appended to the old one. this will force Houdini to kick in the expression mode which you have to get rid of.