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Recent Forum Posts

Underwater Scene | Bubbles Simulation 2024年5月19日17:57

Hey guys, just wanted to share this scene, I'm planning on adding a few more shots,
but due time, I have only this one so far.

Loving the look of Karma rendering.

*Created all aspects except the model

MOTION BLUR on XPU | excessive RAM usage 2024年4月10日20:42

Hey Guys, first, I want to showcase, the beauty of Karma's motion blur. Looks clean and Insane.

Take a look at the short videos that I've uploaded. (just 3 seconds clips, so Loop it and focus on Propeller motion blur) is insane.

Now, issue #1, I was rendering this tests at a very small resolution and very low sampling, for previewing purposes.
But Around frame 80, it pretty much got stuck computing, and Ram memory was at 99%.

I wonder, if there is a way to optimize, Motion Blur calculations a bit more, or if I have any parameter missing or wrong. I've uploaded my motion blur parameter, I'm not using Velocity. Just Motion blur node inside Solaris.

As I need Super high quality motion blur, I used the maximum Subframe samples that XPU is allowing me, which is 8, beyond that all geometry disappears, which is also my second question... XPU only allows 8? ... when I switch to CPU, samples are pretty much unlimited. but of course it renders way slower. But I'll say XPU with only 8 samples, is giving an excellent result so far. wish I could go up to 10 at least.

Anyway, if someone is familiar these issues, I'd love to read some insights on them.

Thanks to all in Advance.


Day 22 | Character | Hair Generation | Image 2024年4月9日11:50

Such awesome tutorial, loved it, thanks