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64 bit advantages 2008年8月2日11:21

Just a quick note on PAE (on 32-bit machines)…

Yes, you can get more than 4 GB in your machine, and the kernel can make use of it for all sorts of things like caches and buffers.

But no single process can use more than 4 GB of memory.

So you can run more processes without swapping, but if your data set for one process is more than 4 GB you're going to be out of luck on a 32-bit system.

Running a stand-alone central help server 2008年7月31日14:43

I know gentoo makes it hard to have multiple versions (2.4/2.5) of python installed.

Debian and Ubuntu make it pretty easy, although I'm not sure about other distros.

If you think Vista would be easier…good luck

Running a stand-alone central help server 2008年7月31日13:02

Ummm…headaches later? :?

Yeah, like if you install some package through your package manager that also depends on one of these python libraries you've install manually. Your package manager doesn't know anything about the stuff you've thrown in there, so it happily overwrites stuff, and you're left with some kind of mutant hybrid of two different versions.

Same thing goes for upgrades to system-managed software, or even removing a package. It may happily delete files that you need for your manually installed python packages.

And then Matt may decide to use a different version of Paste that conflicts with the previous version, and you want to have both available at the same time…then you've got a big headache.