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IRON HEART WINNERS | Date Changed - you may need to repost 2022年4月5日22:32

Wow. This has been such a journey!

Im so grateful that this challenge is open to all skill levels and for the hard work that gets put into an event like this alnong with everything else yall do to maintain Houdini. This was such a great way for me to push myself to learn houdini and 3d art in a really ballenced way. Im excited to see what I can learn next.

The two big goals for me were to learn the software and become more comfortible posting "bad art" (perfection being the enemey of the good and all that) and I think Ive definitely accomplised both! Ive learned a lot about how I can continue to improve and Im going to keep working hard at it! big congrats to everyone else who kept up with this every day, I'll miss wakining up to all of your amazing art!

Day 31 Image | Solaris | Material Variation 2022年3月31日23:50

Nothing flashy today, just some differnt materials in an abstract setting.

Day 30 Image | Solaris | Light Mixer 2022年3月30日21:54

Had some fun with lighting some glass shaders