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Question about Arnold operator expression (Set Parameter) 2022年11月29日16:59

A whole year later I'm attempting to answer your questions, hopefully you found a good work-around for your problems.

The visibility in operators is a little tricky, the best resource I've found is here []

I created an OTL to do the math for me. There's a line of python code to add up the different rays to the proper numbers. & then inside I set "visibility" to this calculated value.

Python code on the parm "calc"
total = 0
n= hou.node(".")
cam =n.parm("camera").eval()*1
shadow =n.parm("shadow").eval()*2

total = cam + shadow + diff_trans + spec_trans + diff_refl + spec_refl + vol_scat+sss

if n.parm("skip").eval()==1:
    total = 0

return total

I hope this helps

deep layer names not consistent with channel names in Nuke 2016年4月4日20:34

Just ran into this recently! When you read the deep render into nuke both .red and .r channels would be created; contaminating the script.

You need to remove the AOVs from the DCM, and then everything should behave properly.

As far as fixing your contaminated scripts… text editor or a filtering script to remove extra channels.

How do I import a MAYA FILE without losing the ANIMATION? 2011年5月9日18:25 []

this link has a bgeo exporter for maya.

OR you could google to see if you can find a script for exporting an .obj sequence (i remember there being a few of these online somewhere)

OR you can take a look at your fbx exporting options. Somewhere in there you can export animation, but i cannot remember exactly how. I think there is a check box which says “animation” that you need to turn on.