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importing all existing point attributes into SOP Solver 2019年11月10日13:25

I'm trying to figure out a way to get the SOP solver to deal with attributes generated by an attribute transfer but when I import the SOP with a static object DOP, all the custom attributes and @Cd get stripped. Any tips?

Renderman 22.5 for Houdini 17.5 issue on start 2019年5月24日17:43

I think the best place to get support for the plugin is on Pixar's RenderMan forum. I have it working fine making lights and shaders and all that on macOS but there are some stability issues with IPR in the release version.

Are there any phone apps/resources/etc to practice or learn VEX on the go? 2019年2月11日11:17

There's a lot of stuff you can read on this site: []