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Submitting PRs to Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine 2024年4月14日8:03


I recently submitted a PR to the Houdini Engine plugin for UE:

https://github.com/sideeffects/HoudiniEngineForUnreal/pull/295 [github.com]

However while looking at the history of issues on the Github repo, it seems most of the contributors + updates have only be done/accepted by SideFX staff members. I've added some critical missing features to the plugin that was onl partially implemented (for floats only), missing for basic functionality in UE. There's more I'd like to add in the future as well that are missing in the current implementation but it seems like most of the issues/PRs are ignore if not from staff.

I'd prefer to submit them in smaller PRs to avoid a massive one that will be hard for the contributors to properly review.

I wonder if there are best protocols to follow to get eyes on contributions, or to get submissions reviewed and approved for this repo.


LIVE control of HDA parameters in UNREAL 2024年4月8日21:45

It's not available as a HoudiniAssetActor but if you link the HDA using a HoudiniAssetBlueprint component in a standard actor, you get these:

  • Has Parameter
  • Set Float Parameter
  • Set Toggle Value At

Ideally the other types are added like int, string, etc.

Likewise the file path types in the HDA should be exposed to be set via strings too.

Looking at source it does seem like it's in there but it's not blueprint exposed for some reason.

https://github.com/sideeffects/HoudiniEngineForUnreal/blob/b63f4d863446b066f54dffb425d397cbb1c54516/Source/HoudiniEngineEditor/Public/HoudiniPublicAPIAssetWrapper.h#L698 [github.com]

LIVE control of HDA parameters in UNREAL 2024年4月8日21:27

In my use case I'm trying to do modify the parameters via an editor utility widget which isn't at run time, but still in editor. Is that something that is doable with C++ or blueprints/python?