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vellum and angular velocity 2019年3月9日22:12


I finally got to put my hands on Vellum and I also found that @w doesn't seem to be taken into the sim as it used to be. Any clue on how to add initial angular velocity now ? Did that change ?


flip distributed sim stuck 2018年3月19日6:23

Thanks Aleksei for your answer,

I did many things I could find in documentation, forums and tutorials. Checking the tracker was one of them though even though I can see it stops during the syncing, it does not help me much finding what I can do to sort it out.

I wonder if it could be a network issue where the router receives a flood of request on some port and ends up blocking it. The route does not seem to give any warning about that though.

I attached a screenshot of the tracker page, this time it went up to frame 26.

flip distributed sim stuck 2018年3月15日12:14


trying to sim FLIP slices through HQueue with two machines to start. The simulation starts then get stuck after sometimes 1, sometimes 10 and more rarely about 30 frames. Most of the time it stops at 10, the result is exactly what I would expect so I wonder what could be happening that makes Houdini get stuck like this.

I found a few similar posts online but with no answer, any element of debugging will be more than welcome.