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find number of voxels 2023年5月8日11:37

Thank you Soothsayer, That's another great option. For anyone looking into this in the future, the vex is, assuming your volume is plugged into the second input:
i@vCount = primintrinsic(1, "activevoxelcount", 0);

find number of voxels 2023年5月5日17:22

Thanks Tomas! Great ideas. Bound is probably easiest for what I'm doing,

thanks again.

find number of voxels 2023年5月5日13:10

Is there a way to turn the number of voxels in a vdb into something accessible via vex? Short story long, I'm trying to test to see if an object can be turned into a vdb, and if it produces no voxels. Then use a different technique.