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Mocapbiped SOPs skipping when looped 2022年7月20日19:34

Thanks mestela, I'll give that a go ... I'm bringing it into KineFX so might also see if I can apply a similar fix there.

Mocapbiped SOPs skipping when looped 2022年7月17日20:54

Pretty sure I'm missing something really basic here, but when I drop a mocapbiped sop into a 24 fps project and play an animation I'm seeing it jump from the end to the next start of the loop. How do I get it to run smoothly?

Thank for reading and would appreciate any advice!

Houdini Console "PDG Type Registry" Failed with 18.0.391 2020年3月23日19:43

I also have the same problem, though it also happens as soon as I open Houdini (18.0.391).

I just installed the Redshift demo, but can't see any of the expected Redshift stuff in Houdini. It seems like it only started happening after I installed Redshift. I also got set up with Zync today (which I found doesn't support H18) but as far as I can tell it was ok between the Z and R installs.