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Mantra: Couldn not open imager. 2011年5月17日22:47

Alright I fixed it. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with Mantra entries in the registry… actually I didn't see any. I just deleted everything pertaining to any previous build (turns out I had two in there - 504 and 658 I think). I didn't run any registry cleaner or reinstall Houdini or anything. I just deleted those old registry entries and now the ip works fine.

I had something in the registry that was for something 504. I couldn't remember what it pertained to when I posted above (I had already deleted it and so couldn't check, LOL). It must have been something from the 504 build of Houdini like nverxion had.

That file sure caused a lot of trouble.

Mantra: Couldn not open imager. 2011年5月15日4:29

I fixed this problem on my machine. Maybe this solution will help someone else.

I ran “WinOptimizer” and got rid of unused files (temp etc) and cleaned up the registry of unused items.

I then went into “regedit” and searched for Houdini and found one instance of Houdini Mantra for an earlier build. I deleted this and exited the registry.

I then installed Houdini again and it opened quicker and I can now render within Houdini.

Note: Before deleting from the registry, I created a system restore point in case I messed something up with my computer.

Cannot render in Apprentice. 2010年10月22日22:53

TheUsualAlex- I tried what you suggested; but, it did not work. With the initial render, 2 mplay windows open. If I click on the render button again, another mplay window opens and the error message pops up again.

I emailed support and if they don't have a solution, I asked for my money back. I am not paying for no watermark renders if I can't render.