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Houdini support for Parquet format 2021年4月6日8:20

A lot of analytical workloads these days rely on Parquet format. Support for it might open Houdini for example for data visualization tasks. Was wondering if there have been any previous attempts in this area?

Distributed SOP cooks? 2021年4月4日5:18

Thanks for the replies. Yes, I realized that the reason DOPs need their own distributed solution is because the slices need to COMMUNICATE with each other in the runtime. They also need to run in lockstep. I'm sure there are plenty of other reasons, as well.

But, but - I think that it still would be great if the SOP geometries could be easily sliced and distributed in one nifty node. Maybe that's an idea for another day. There was a GameDevTools once - maybe it's time for SciDevTools now

I think that this problem must have been documented somewhere else - surely various games must have come across it, it's not too different from multithreading. I mean what problems come up when distributing stateless geometry processing tasks.

Distributed SOP cooks? 2021年4月3日12:59

The video [www.youtube.com] showcasing distributed particle sims has been around since 2015, but only recently it occurred to me that this technique only applies to DOPs?

Am I correct in saying that there is no general solution to distribute SOP cooks? For example, slicing and aggregating (map-reducing) VDB clouds or any VEX snippets on large meshes?

PS Duplicate of this post [forums.odforce.net].