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How can I restart a pyro sim from the last .sim file? 2015年3月30日21:02

Would that work if I were caching from a dynamics node in the OUT context? …using HQueue?

$HIP is getting repeated twice in my file paths. ? $HIP/$HIP 2015年3月26日22:16

Apparently I was doing it wrong. I haven't tried it the right way yet, but someone from SESI replied to my question about this. They said that in Houdini “../” means “up one directory from $HIP”, so


yields $HIP/$HIP/../

I hope that helps anyone else facing this situation.

$HIP is getting repeated twice in my file paths. ? $HIP/$HIP 2015年3月21日23:40

Yes, we are on Windows for this project. I am waiting on a linux machine I ordered for home. Bye bye Windows (mostly)!

I think I will also adjust my folder structure and see if that fixes the problem.