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ROP FBX limitations - naming vertex caches? 2021年10月4日0:16

So it seem the ROP FBX is currently limited when exporting vertex caches (in my case .pc2 files) It currently only names them (and the mesh) by the last node before the ROP. You can use the @name attribute and check 'build hierarchy from path attribute' but that will only work for non animation exports and only export the named mesh and no vertex cache files.

from the help - "Support for animation export using this is currently limited to only exporting primitive transforms and each primitive must have a unique path attribute value. There is no support for exporting to vertex caches nor changing geometry topology."

Is there supposed to be a better way or am I looking at needing tops to rename my files after they're saved to disk?

First try - bug list 2018年11月2日3:38

Hmmmm…. fixed a “different” problem more related to max meshes and now I'm not getting that particular crash. will hold of until I can get it to happen again.

Game Dev Tools - crash Houdini on open 2018年11月1日2:00


With any of the non-production builds above 1.60 I seem to be getting a houdni crash on boot(17.0.386).

ERROR: Couldn't open resource file “resources” (No such file or directory)
Could not initialize the help server:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<stdin>”, line 1, in <module>
ImportError: No module named houdinihelp

ERROR: Couldn't find ‘SI_ColorEditor.ui’ for reading. Looked in:

Attached screenshot as there was another warning dialog as well.