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Material assignments broken until I Sync 2019年12月12日15:59

That would be my guess as well. AutoSync alone does not fix it. But when it is paired with Split Geo by Groups it seems to get a lot better.

Thanks for looking into it!

Material assignments broken until I Sync 2019年12月11日13:56

I am assigning Maya materials through the primitive attribute “maya_shading_group”. When I change params to change the geo the materials get broken. When I sync it fixes them all. Am I applying the attribute in the wrong place or is this a known issue with maya? Can I trigger a sync somehow?

Edit: Using Houdini 18 and maya 2018.5. Also happened with Houdini 17.5
Edit: Video of the problem in action: https://youtu.be/e-qQJsyMnGM?t=92 [youtu.be]
Edit: After trying all the options I found that checking “Split Geos By Group” fixes most of the problems! Ill leave this up incase someone has a better answer. I dont really want to split the geo.

Thanks for your help!

Broken Materials:

After Sync:

Houdini deformers to UE4 2019年7月12日17:39


I am try to create a basic wire tool HDA that will take one static mesh of a length of wire and deform it along a curve. Right now I am using the wire deformer but this doesn't seem to work with instances or packed geometry. Would also like to use this in the future for deforming modular chunks of road, fences, etc.

Is there another process that should work or is this impossible at the moment? Would it just be easier to make this in a blueprint tool?

Appreciate any help or a point in the right direction!