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problems with Maya2018 Update 4 2018年8月28日11:49

Thanks, I've just given it another go and I'm still experiencing crashes.

I'm on Maya 2018.2 and OSX, attached is a screen shot of the Houdini engine preferences.

For me, if the Houdini engine plugin is loaded and the File Dialog is set to Maya's, Any event that opens the file dialog (open file, save as, load asset) crashes Maya. Regardless of if asynchronous mode is on or off (restarting after change).

Just out of interest what is going on in the background thats causing the crash, isn't the file dialog just getting a path to a digital asset?


problems with Maya2018 Update 4 2018年8月28日10:54

We are currently experiencing problems with the Maya plugin in Maya2018 Update 4. I will post as soon as there is a fix or workatound available, in the meantime, you will not be able to to use the plugin with update 4.

While your at it could you take a look at this. We get this message when loading the the plugin.

“houdiniEngine will reset the File Dialog style to OS Native.
This is required when using in-process evaluation with houdiniEngine”

It's really frustrating to lose access to the Maya File Dialog. Maya crashes if you try and swap it back even after unloading the houdiniEngine. Changing the “in-process” preference also doesn't change the requirement for OS Native File Dialog.

It's really killing some of our workflows, if it could be looked at that would be awesome.


iMacPro, Metal2 and beyond --> --> 2018年3月8日8:10

The best case scenario I see for Houdini on the Mac would be for Apple to follow Microsoft's lead from years ago and remove OpenGL from the MacOS altogether, and then let the vendors themselves provide GL and Vulkan ICDs through their drivers. Then we'd have common drivers across all 3 platforms for the big 3 (AMD, Intel, Nvidia; though Intel doesn't directly provide Linux drivers currently), and 95% of the graphics issues on MacOS would disappear overnight.

As the the iMac pro, that's a strange beast. I'm not sure I'd want to tie a $5000+ machine to a display, nor have its GPU or CPU non-upgradeable (unsure about the RAM). Nor would I really want an 18 core workstation powering up its fans to full behind my monitor; the best part about a workstation desktop is that you can hide it under a desktop and muffle some of the fan noise when the CPUs are running full throttle. Having that less that 2' from my head is not something I'd particularly care for. The back of the iMac Pro shows no signs of heatsink fins (which it could totally have to dissipate heat more effectively), so you can bet that they're be some noticeable noise.

In short, it seems like Apple is giving its users another product that no one really asked for, when many professionals have been begging for an upgradeable workstation for years. Just my personal 2c.

I have no idea if the recent announcement of Vulkan for osx would make any difference to sidefxs graphics roadmap?

https://www.anandtech.com/show/12465/khronos-group-extends-vulkan-portability-with-opensource [www.anandtech.com]

We use Houdini on OSX and would be gutted if we lost support.