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Houdini Engine for Unreal - Version 2 2021年6月30日21:49

The UE5 plugin doesn't seem to want to cook... and it also fails to create a session.

I tried setting the custom location but that doesn't seem to help...

FBX doesn't export morphs or skeleton 2021年6月14日13:17

I've been trying to get my rigged mesh over into the engine for a few days but I can't seem to get both the morph targets and the skeleton to show up.

If I export from the file menu I can get the morphs but there is no skeleton in UE4.

If I export from the fbx rop I can get the skeleton but no morphs.

The same thing happens with the character export node.

I am not modifying the mesh after the morphs so it should be FBX compliant, and I am using fbx2016 and am forcing the morphs at export.

KineFX Livelink rotations/scale wrong in UE4 2021年6月13日0:24

I was able to get the two programs to talk to each other but when the livelink is active the skeletal mesh shrinks down to 1/100th scale and some of the rotations are off. I tried correcting for it with an animation blueprint in UE4 but no luck getting it perfect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I could easily have missed a step somewhere but I've tried everything I can think of like transform nodes, units settings, reimporting at a larger scale, etc. but no luck.