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will houdini consider adopting the new C4D/blender like UI? 2022年5月12日16:51

God I hope not, the others UI gotta learn from Houdini, lol

Custom Edge Fracture 2022年3月2日9:59


http://www.vusta.com.au/ [www.vusta.com.au]
(link on Houdini page)
Hi, your website is offline it seems, do you have a patreon?

Request to have CAD import surface in Houdini 2020年1月8日16:05

I worked as a product designer for a while and had to handle .step and CAD modelling. There's a way around but it's kinda a pain process.

Download the Lumion Keyshot, he handles pretty good .step files, .stl and even directly importing some solidworks files. Use the keyshot to import your file and from there you can export to .obj

Works most of the times when I needed.