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Karma shadow artifacts when rendering with motion blur 2022年11月23日12:09

Bumping on this for visibility.

A friend from Pixar with extensive USD experience seemed puzzled by the pictures I showed him (from above), and was skeptical it was an animated bounding box issue. He suggested I verify that my point counts (onto which my leaves are being instanced) are not changing frame to frame, as that would likely cause problems, but I stepped through the timeline of the file I shared above and confirmed that the point count for the leaves does stay the same (which is to say: the arrays containing animated orientation/scale/etc. data all seem to be the same length frame to frame). I'd love any advice about how to troubleshoot further, but the aforementioned friend worried this might indeed be a render issue rather than something wrong with my setup.

Karma XPU failure on 3090ti 2022年11月23日12:06

Thank you sir! I hadn't spotted that, but I will test it. I'm currently also troubleshooting what I think is likely an unrelated issue (https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/87458/), but hopefully the original crashing issue does not resurface. If it does I'll report back. Thanks again!

Karma shadow artifacts when rendering with motion blur 2022年11月19日10:56

Sure, here is a complete setup:
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/baahmqh16tk3c9q/AABweKLaE1N08Sbo8OW_XQ3Ha?dl=0 [www.dropbox.com]

Though, I don't believe it's a bug (or, at least, I strongly suspect that the bug is me). My intuition makes me think I'm doing something wrong with how I'm sublayering the animation onto the static trees; it feels as though there might be an issue where the geometry moves but the extents/bounding boxes of the geo doesn't...or something.

I've seen several references to this notion of exporting static geo USD + animation as a separate USD layer; the tone always suggests this is a widely-accepted, common technique. I find it very compelling and want to do it this way, but have yet to find a complete guide demonstrating how to do it, and the various threads I've read about it on the forum don't make me feel like I have a complete understanding in my head just yet. It seems very easy to get wrong, which I suspect is what's causing this issue.