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Promoting channel aliases to HDA parameters? 2017年11月13日10:52

Hm, is it actually possible to store channel aliases in OP definitions?
Or are they just “glued” on instances of the node, at the scene level?

Promoting channel aliases to HDA parameters? 2017年11月9日11:27

Now I'm gonna dig for the Python way

Promoting channel aliases to HDA parameters? 2017年11月9日6:41

Is there a visual/direct way to keep the Channel Aliases when promoting parameters at HDA level?
In my particular case, I have a Blendshapes node for a character, with around 100 shapes.

The channels were named using the Update Channel Names From input button, which actually doesn't change the channel names but creates aliases for them.

Problem is that when I create the interface for the character and promote the Blendshape channels, the Aliases are not coming with the channels (see screenshots below).

I guess there is a Python solution for this, but in character scenarios this should be a pretty useful feature.