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SideFX Labs Bugs and issues 2023年8月8日9:41


0(696) : error C3002: call to undefined function "void HOUassignOutputs(vec3, vec3, vec3, vec3, vec3, vec3, float, float, float, float, float, float, float, float, vec4, vec3, float, float, int, int);"
/obj/geo1/quickmaterial1/matnet/labspbrshader: Linking failed.

created new labpbrshader node, no errors, moment I connect/add file texture I get this.
Seems to work fine despite the errors.

KineFX Retargeting 2022年8月18日6:56

OK, after few hours of this and that I found out that if I pin L/R toe joint, and adjust the values ( fullbodIK node) feet get in place.
Few more steps to figure out and it will be a goodbye to HumanIK

KineFX Retargeting 2022年8月17日5:49


I am trying to create working network to retarget mocap animation in better way than we do it right now using Maya and HumanIK.

And I hit the wall
I created a package with files I used ( fbx character template we use, t pose skeleton for stash pose reference and one of the mocap source fbx animations)and of course Houdini file.
Include a small read_me as well.

In the nutshell, root joint is going crazy and making feet contacts with ground ( y=0) broken.

I am absolutely sure that my lack of knowledge is the reason so, here I am asking for help

Thanks in advance,