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Will Live Link integration for Unreal be in the future? 2020年11月19日14:45


Well, this has nothing to do with Epic investing in SideFX, but we already have a LiveLink plugin, that was released with H18.5.
You can get it from the github repo.

https://github.com/sideeffects/HoudiniLiveLink [github.com]

Luiz talks a bit about the Live Link plugin in his KineFX for Games talk, at around ~37:00

https://vimeo.com/473480706 [vimeo.com]

UPROPERTY Help 2020年11月17日12:35

Generic property attributes are only applied to the output produced by the HDA, not to the HDA itself.
This would cause issues, as we'd need to double cook the HDA to first, get the attribute, apply it, then recook to get the updated result, which would not be ideal.

There is currently no work around for that.
Potentially, we could add support for “presetting” HDA input properties by using parameter tags, but this would only work on object merge inputs, not SOP inputs.

I've converted your original bug report to an RFE

Engine V2 plugin for UE4.25.4 - nothing in Actors toolbar 2020年11月9日12:45


Yes, the docs are indeed outdated as there's currently no docs for version2 of the plugin, the current docs are for version1.
(but a lot of it still applies to v2 as well)

The Houdini Engine “Place Actors” tools are gone for now in v2, we'll add them back at some point but they are a low priority item.

You need to first import the HDA in the content browser, and then can instantiate it in Unreal.