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Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年8月1日6:34

First of all I do think 3DCoat is a good software. While I'm quite proficient with Blender now, I have to admit Blender's texture painting is hardly usable if you 1. need 4K resolution 2. need PBR workflow. 3DCoat is a much better choice. (Substance Painter is another one, but in my opinion 3DCoat is better if you don't need Designer's procedural capability)

Second, please read this:

We can not (and don't want and are not going to) control your activity (our EULA do not have such limitations). This is our appeal and not a legal demand.


And stop spreading outdated information.

I had used 3D Coat back then. It is a great software and I liked it a lot .I respect their choice . And this is a very flammable topic so I am sorry for bringing that up also I am against all kind of religious and politic premises for dcc that is why I stopped using it. I guess this is more appropriate way of explaining it. Take care.

Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年8月1日4:16

In fact, a powerful 3D software, although unknown, has surpassed most software in modeling functions. It is 3dcoat, and it is recommended that Houdini learn more
I use 3D Coat, great at sculpting, modelling, the best at retopology and IMHO better than SP for painting, great UV tools as well, it could use more tutorials, but things are getting better on that side !

Sure but I don`t like that moral Christian EULA nonsense.

Houdini on Wayland Linux 2023年5月29日5:37

Hi folks. I wonder If anyone has any knowledge about SideFx`s stance on wayland support. I use Fedora and AFAIK xorg development is stopped. I guess Red Hat related distros will eventually go that direction too . Houdini works fine with xorg but secondary applications can cause problems . I recently had wacom problem on xorg but when I switched to wayland it was fine. Not fatal but kind of disturbing. So should I go back to windows? What do you think?

(I use Red Hat based distros cause of Maya :mad