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Isolated vex code (not material) in Karma 2021年11月28日5:59

OK, thanks. Do you know per chance: can Redshift render Vex code on GPU? Or is there currently no GPU renderer that can do Vex displacement?

Isolated vex code (not material) in Karma 2021年11月28日4:51

I watched the "Beautiful Game" tutorial on Vex and Karma (04). I understand that Vex materials can't be used in Karma. Is it just materials or any inclusion of any Vex code? I have an existing Vex displacement shader. I can isolate the part of the Vex code that computes displacement. Right now, there's no way to have Karma evaluate this Vex code to compute a value, correct? All I can do is render a displacement map from the Vex shader and pass this on to MaterialX as a texture, yes?

"Neat" quad mesh from an arbitrary triangular mesh 2021年11月19日1:23

Thanks, I'll look into these.