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Nice rounded corners (bevel) in 2D 2022年6月16日10:51

Thanks, both work. I measured the cook time, the weights seem ~1.5 x slower. I prefer to keep the exact points from the original shapes (outside of the rounded area) for 100% sharp corners, but it's easy to do with nearpoint, snap etc

Nice rounded corners (bevel) in 2D 2022年6月16日6:51

What's the most elegant way to get a nice. rounded corner in a 2D shape, where the sharp corners are? I tried bevel on points (on light green points), bevel on edges (the dark green edges), but the results aren't smooth. The best results I got was with qLibs "Rounded corners" OTL, plus some smoothing (on the right), but it still took some post-processing.

Access variables between two Python SOPs 2022年6月7日2:57

One more question: if I have 2 Python SOPs: 1) the main Python SOP with some script, 2) a secondary Python SOP, not attached to anything, whose purpose is just to store some variables (let's say it contains just "hou.session.myVar = 1"). Do I need to force the cook of the secondary node from the main node to get access to the variable, since the secondary node is not attached to anything, so it has no reason to cook by itself?