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Attrib "lost" with Filecache but not with Stash 2023年9月26日6:53

I see an odd behavior: when I save my geometry with "Filecache", one of my attributes, called "around" (see pic), seems to get lost. In the spreadsheet, on the Filecache SOP, instead of the correct value I see -1.0. Other attributes are OK. Yes, I "Reload" the geometry after each save. I tried other filenames, to avoid any memory caching issues: same behavior. There are no attribute Filters set in the Filecache SOP. I tried both bgeo and bgeo.sc extensions, both show this odd behavior. If I use the "Stash" SOP or "Save geo..." the "around" attribute is preserved. I can work around with "Stash", I'm just curious what causes this behavior...

Simple bone capture for 2D planes (no tets) 2023年9月4日2:38

I have a character made of isolated, flat 2D polys, with no thickness. Previously, I've done tet-based biharmonic capture on 3D meshes which have a defined inside/outside. On flat 2D polys, the biharmonic method has trouble creating a meaningful geo. Is there a simple capture method, where a flat 2D poly is simply captured (as a whole) by the bone closest to it?

Post-frame Python script without console (Win)? 2023年8月28日16:32

I'm on Win, Houdini 19.5. I run a post-frame Python script from my render ROP. When it runs, a console window pops up. Can I run the script without a console?. I know pythonw.exe can do it, but in the ROP, the script language (Python or Hscript) is set from a drop-down, you don't choose the actual executable. I tried renaming the script's extension to "pyw", but the ROP gives me a syntax error on the path to the "pyw" ("py" works fine).