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Redshift + Triplanar reference? 2019年6月21日0:52

Ah Thanks so much, that worked like a charm. I was typing in ‘triplanar’ instead of ‘tri planar’ and the Redshift documentation returned no results ><

Thanks so much for the link.

Redshift + Triplanar reference? 2019年6月19日19:52

So Redshift has a Triplanar node that allows you to set it to either world space, object space, or reference object. When you select reference object, it does not give you an option to define the object you want to reference.

Does anybody know how to assign the reference object?

My final CGMA course project (animation) 2019年6月19日14:59

Hi elihu252,

I am interested in your solution how you did the grains, where the “vase” is standing on.
I want to make a tennisball, lying on a sandcourt and am wondering how I can manage these much of grains?

Hi, if you check the case study, you can see that I created a small sample patch of grains and instanced that patch everywhere to fill in the void. You kind of have to find the right balance for your hardware as far as how large your sample patch should be. The main goal is to keep the sample patch as small as possible without any noticeable patterns showing up.