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Split Geos to Different Game Objects 2022年6月21日23:01

Hello! I have used group to split my meshs into different game objects. However, when I upgraded to Unity 2021.3 this feature ahs been deprecated. (It was still supported on unity 2021.2.) So, I wander know how could I do the split stuff on newer version? Thanks!

How to Add Move and Rotate Tools 2022年6月16日21:23

On Labs Match Size Node, I just seen move tool available. Therefore I think it is possible to add move tool for my nodes? So anybody know how to do this? Thanks very much!

How to Add Move and Rotate Tools 2022年6月15日4:58

Hello, I use a subnet to create my own digital assets, and there is a transform node inside subnets. When I press enter on scene view for transfrom node, it will show tool like this graph, and if I move, rotate or scale using this, the corresponding property for transfrom node will change properly. How could I add this kind of tool on my subnet therefore I could transfer my node on scene view? Thanks!