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Axiom Solver - Sparse GPU Fluid Solver 2020年9月13日12:44

All of the Files should Go to your User Folder under Documents. What i usually do against this Kind of Problems is to rename the User folder to Houdini.18.XXX or whatever. Then restart Houdini. It will create a new User folder for you. Copy the axiom Otl and dlo Folders to this new User folder and try it again. Maybe its conflicting with something else in your old User folder.


Hey thanks, that does work. It’s just very not ideal because I have a bunch of other stuff installed. Still trying to troubleshoot how to make it work with my preference folder that’s full of stuff. Because I have a folder called ‘otls’ which Houdini recognizes, if I put the axiom otl into the base preferences folder Houdini doesn’t see it. And if it’s in the otl folder, it can’t find the dll it seems, I believe that’s what the issue might be.

Axiom Solver - Sparse GPU Fluid Solver 2020年9月12日15:45

Hey eyestorm,

have you copied the dso files to your Houdini user folder?


Yes I did. I tried them in the Houdini 18 folder inside documents and the Houdini 18 folder inside program files. Neither seemed to work. I was thinking it was perhaps because my otls are in a separate folder inside the preferences folder named otls. But it didn’t work with the axiom otl in the base preferences folder either.

Axiom Solver - Sparse GPU Fluid Solver 2020年9月12日10:37

This is super fast! Can I somehow feed Cd attribute and get colored smoke?
I`m afraid that this is not supported atm…

Hey there,

Having trouble with installation. Whenever I put down the node in sops, I get this error.