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GameDev Decal Projector 2019年9月23日3:00

its not quite the tool i needed, but thanks for the tip!

I can't import obj's 2019年3月26日17:32

I have the same problem now that i installed houdini 17.5 How did you solve the problem?


GameDev Decal Projector 2019年3月18日10:55

Hi there,

i am working on digital environments and want to use decals on them. I figured the “GameDev Decal Projector” is what i need, but honestly cant figure out how to use it or what it is actually doing? Can somebody explain? What is meant by “Projection Mesh”, the mesh i want to project onto my environment for example? What is the heightmap for? Could not find a tutorial for it.

Just to explain, what i want to do is add detail to my environments in certein places on top of the ground texture. I know i can do it by using camera projection for uv, but i guess there is a better way.